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We Are Here to Help.

As a company and as individual citizens, the ArcheMedX team is working to meet the challenge
posed by COVID-19. Here’s what we’ve done, and how we might help you . . .


Earlier in March, as the threat of COVID-19 was becoming increasingly clear, we at ArcheMedX took decisive action to protect our employees, their families, and our business partners by freezing all travel, ensuring we could work safely and securely from home, and investing in our data infrastructure to enhance business continuity. With that accomplished, we have turned our attention to the larger community . . .

  • Our CEO quickly joined with thousands of business leaders to actively support the #stopthespread and #flattenthecurve national movement and led local efforts in our hometown of Charlottesville, VA, to unite CvilleBioHub, the Charlottesville Business Innovation Council, and the Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce to launch #FlattenTheCurveCville and mobilize local forces in the fight against COVID-19
  • Several members of our team are donating their personal time and energy to assist local health systems in responding to critical shortages of personal protective equipment and assisting national healthcare and life science organizations in assessing how they can best adapt their educational initiatives and work practices in this new age of social distancing and restricted travel.
  • We have also collaborated with the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, DKBMed, the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education, and FreeCME to develop and distribute an online COVID-19 education and training experience to frontline healthcare worker free of charge (see below).

Access COVID-19 Education.

Click the thumbnail to access COVID-19: Keeping Up With A Moving Target, which is powered by the ArcheMedx platform and was developed in collaboration with Dr. Paul Auwaerter, Clinical Director, Division of Infectious Diseases at Johns Hopkins University, DKBMed, the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education, and FreeCME.


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Day in and day out, our mission at ArcheMedX is not merely to improve online learning and generate actionable insights, but to support the healthcare and life science industries in the vital work of protecting life and advancing wellness.


To that end, we are offering free use of the ArcheMedX platform to deliver COVID-19 education and training initiatives to those on the front lines. Please contact the ArcheMedX team to explore how we can work together to #stopthespread and #flattenthecurve

Many thanks,
The Team at ArcheMedX

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help your team during these difficult times, please use the form to get in touch.