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Are you Ready for the New Normal?

The ArcheMedX team is working to meet the challenges posed by COVID-19. Here is how we can assist your clinical research, prevention, and treatment efforts.

We Are Here to Help!

Like many of our colleagues across the industry, our team at ArcheMedX has been working overtime to develop the tools needed to accelerate the fight against COVID-19 and achieve a broad range of life improving and saving interventionsTo that end, we accelerated development of a new PDF centric learning and insights solution to assist the clinical research and public health communities during this difficult period.

While the new PDF solution is in beta, we have launched 2 free learning activities to provide immediate assistance during COVID-19. 

 FDA Guidance on Conduct of Clinical Trials Activity

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  • Improve your team's ability to conduct studies during this pandemic by increasing understanding of the "FDA's Guidance on Conduct of Clinical Trials of Medical Products during COVID-19 Pandemic".
  • This activity layers expert advice and practical resources for clinical operations professionals in and around the latest FDA guidance that was issued on April 2nd and includes additional Q&A responses. 

  National Plan to Enable Contact Tracing Activity

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  • Increase awareness and understanding of the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security's "National Plan to Enable Comprehensive COVID-19 Case Finding and Contact Tracing in the US".
  • This activity layers expert advice and curated multi-media resources from the CDC, WHO, Johns Hopkins, MIT and other global publications and institutions to explain why the need for widespread testing and contact tracing is so critical before the country can be safely re-opened.  

ArcheMedX Full COVID-19 Solutions

We are making these additional digital learning and insights solutions available immediately to support on-going clinical research efforts to beat COVID-19

Assess Your Trial Readiness

How confident are you that your staff, sites, and patients are ready to conduct a study today?  Let ArcheMedX help you quickly evaluate how prepared they really are to safely conduct a study in this challenging environment.  Arm your managers and leadership with the insights they need to mitigate risk and more effectively focus operational resources where they are needed most.

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Transition to Virtual Meetings & Remote Training

Do you need to convert an upcoming Principal Investigator (PI) Meeting, Site Initiation Visit, or any live training into a remote enabled model?  Let ArcheMedX help you transform your traditional content into more personalized and effective online learning experiences and watch as the behavioral data generated by participants helps to inform your trial leaders to make faster operational decisions.

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Deliver Online Clinician & Patient Education

Are you planning a digital campaign to reach your target market once your medication and vaccine is available?  Let ArcheMedX ensure the delivery of critical information to the right HCPs and patients regarding new COVID related treatments through a highly engaging online experience proven to increase knowledge and confidence in new treatments.  Make it easier for your commercial teams to identify and engage the right targets and improve results.

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Improve Critical Document Understanding

Can you afford the risk if your staff, sites, and patients ignore or struggle to understand essential documents in this environment?  Let ArcheMedX layer your expert advice and supportive resources into and around critical documents to increase understanding by participants and inform leadership.  Rely on the behavioral data generated by participants to enable operational teams to identify and address risks sooner.

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Let us help you with a no cost, no obligation consultation with a member of our leadership team

Introducing Ready

A digital platform that improves your ability to conduct studies today and in the future 

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Solve Your Remote Study Challenges

To complete important ongoing research and prepare for how we will eventually start-up new studies in the post COVID world, Ready’s novel approach to applying behavioral science will help your organization dramatically improve clinical trial readiness and commercial success.

The platform serves as a closed loop system that rapidly transforms traditional content into more active online learning experiences, analyzes unique behavioral data to identify leading indicators of readiness and risk, provides actionable insights to managers and leadership, and automatically re-engages learners to focus on critical information. 

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